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Eucerin Sun Fluid Even Pigment Perfector SPF 50+

Very high sun protection for face
Advanced Spectral Technology: UVA/UVB protection and HEVIS light defense
For all skin types

A superior facial sunscreen for all skin types that prevents sun-induced dark spots.

Effectively reduces dark spots and prevents their re-appearance. Eucerin’s Advanced Spectral Technology offers high factor UVA/UVB protection and HEVIS light defense. The sunscreen also supports skin’s own DNA repair mechanism. 

Sunscreen for sun allergies with Advanced Spectral Technology free of oxybenzone and octinoxate    


Product info

Facial sunscreen to prevent sun spots

UV light is the main cause of sun-induced skin damage, but high-energy visible (HEVIS) light can also induce free radicals that cause further stress to skin. Sunlight triggers an increase in melanin production which may lead to hyperpigmentation concerns such as sun spots.

Eucerin Sun Fluid Pigment Control SPF 50+ is an everyday facial sunscreen for all skin types that helps to prevent sun-induced dark spots. The Advanced Spectral Technology combines broadband and photostable UVA/UVB filters¹ for very high UV protection with Licochalcone A to neutralize free radicals caused by UV and HEVIS light. The anti-pigment sunscreen also includes Glycyrrhetinic Acid which supports skin’s own DNA repair mechanism.

The formula is further enriched with Thiamidol, an effective and patented ingredient that acts at the root cause of hyperpigmentation to visibly reduce dark spots over time and maintains skin’s even tone, when used regularly .

Eucerin Sun Fluid Pigment Control SPF 50+ has a pleasant light texture that absorbs quickly and is clinically and dermatologically proven to be well tolerated, even by sensitive skin. 

(1) Meeting the high standards for UVA and UVB protection defined by Cosmetics Europe. The levels of UVA protection are higher than the EU recommendation. 

Clinical studies

Clinical and dermatological studies prove very good skin tolerability, even on sensitive skin

Main findings

Among other clinical and dermatological studies, a Product in Use (PIU) study was conducted with 160 women (aged 25-55) in a hot and humid climate. All were regular users of sunscreen and even tone products. They reported the following visible results after first two and then four weeks of use:


After 2 weeks

After 4 weeks

Protects my skin effectively against sun-induced pigmentation



Dark spots are effectively reduced



Provides a more even complexion



Absorbs quickly



Dark spots are improved over time     93%     98%

1 Beiersdorf AG, PIU, June 2018



  • light texture
  • non sticky
  • non-greasy
  • absorbs quickly
  • non-comedogenic
  • suitable under make-up

How To Use

Sunscreen as part of your daily routine

  • Apply in the morning after, or instead of, your regular day care product
  • Can be used in combination with other Eucerin Face Care products such as those in the Eucerin Even Pigment Perfector range
  • Your skin is instantly protected from the sun – no waiting time required.
  • Follow with make-up if appropriate


Sun protection isn’t just for sun bathers. Light to moderate everyday exposure affects skin too. That’s why it’s important to include sun protection in your daily skincare routine. Find out more in The importance of sun protection in your daily routine.

Important usage instructions

  • Apply generously before sun exposure and reapply frequently− especially after swimming, perspiring or toweling − to maintain the original protection
  • Reducing the quantity will significantly lower the level of protection
  • Do not stay too long in the sun, even while using a sunscreen product
  • Over-exposure to the sun is a serious health threat
  • Keep babies and young children out of direct sunlight
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • Allow product to absorb completely, and avoid direct contact with textiles and hard surfaces to prevent staining

Use this product if …

You’re looking for a very high factor sunscreen to protect your face from UVA and UVB rays as well as from the negative effects of HEVIS light:

 Eucerin’s Advanced Spectral Technology offers very high UVA/UVB protection and HEVIS defense.

You want to protect your face from sun-induced hyperpigmentation such as sun spots:

Eucerin Sun Fluid Pigment Control SPF 50+ is a superior, very high factor sunscreen that helps to prevent sun-induced hyperpigmentation.

As well as protecting skin from further sun-induced hyperpigmentation issues you’d like a product that reduces existing dark spots:

Eucerin Sun Fluid Pigment Control SPF 50+ contains patented Thiamidol which is clinically proven to effectively reduce dark spots and prevent their re-appearance for even, radiant skin.

Try a different product if …

You’re looking to protect your face from other signs of photoaging such as wrinkles:

Eucerin Photoaging Control Sun Fluid Anti-Age SPF 50  is a high protection sunscreen designed to help prevent premature skin aging and visibly reduce wrinkles on the face and décolleté.

You’re looking for a facial sunscreen that’s suitable for use after chemical peels and/or laser treatments:

Eucerin Photoaging Control Sun Fluid Anti-Age SPF 50  is clinically and dermatologically proven to be suitable for post-treatment use.

You’re looking for a tinted sun protection product:

Eucerin Sun Creme Tinted Photoaging Control SPF 50+ Fair and Medium offer very high sun protection while instantly unifying your complexion and visibly reducing signs of skin aging.

You have acne-prone skin and are looking for a long-lasting dry matt finish and sebum regulating support:

Try Eucerin Sun Face Oil Control Dry Touch SPF 50+ 

1. Select the right product

Choose a product that offers the right level of protection for your skin. It should protect against UVA and UVB rays and offer HEVIS light defense. It should also be tailored to your skin type and condition.
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2. Use the right amount

It’s important to use sufficient product and to reapply it at regular intervals. You can use your palm to measure how much product to use. We recommend that, to cover your face, neck and décolleté, you use a thick line of sun fluid that stretches from the tip of your middle finger down to your wrist.

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3. Apply thoroughly

Some parts are easy to miss. Don’t forget your ears and the back of your neck.
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How it works

It’s not just UV rays that can damage skin. High-energy visible (HEVIS) light generates free radicals that cause premature skin aging and trigger hyperpigmentation issues such as sun spots. Eucerin Sun Fluid Pigment Control SPF 50+ offers Advanced Spectral Technology that goes beyond UV to protect skin from the negative effects of HEVIS light too. The formula supports skin’s own DNA repair mechanism and works to prevent and reduce dark spots.

Advanced Spectral Technology

Superior broadband and photostable UVA/UVB filters1 are combined with Licochalcone A to neutralize free radicals caused by UVA and HEVIS light.

DNA protection

The innovative Pigment Control formula also includes Glycyrrhetinic Acid which supports skin’s own DNA repair mechanism.


This unique, patented ingredient works at the root cause of hyperpigmentation. It is clinically and dermatologically proven to reduce dark spots over time and, when used regularly, prevents their re-appearance.

1 Meeting the high standards for UVA and UVB protection defined by Cosmetics Europe. The levels of UVA protection are higher than the EU requirement.

FAQ (6)

    What is hyperpigmentation and what causes it?

    Hyperpigmentation is the term used to describe areas of uneven pigmentation on skin. It appears as darkened patches or spots that make skin look uneven. These dark spots are often referred to as sun spots (or age spots) and hyperpigmentation is also the symptom of skin conditions such as melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The sun is the number one cause of hyperpigmentation as it’s sunlight that triggers the production of melanin, the pigment that gives our skin its color, in the first place. This is why effective UVA and UVB protection with high-energy visible light defense is the most important step you can take in helping to protect your skin from hyperpigmentation.

    How do I know which SPF to use?

    Sunscreens are available in four different levels of protection: low (factor 6 to 10), medium (15 to 25), high (30 to 50) and very high (50+). The higher the protection factor the better your skin is protected but it’s important to apply the product thoroughly (be careful not to miss any bits) and to reapply it generously every two hours.

    What is the difference between UVA and UVB rays?

    UVA rays penetrate the deeper layers of skin. They stimulate the production of free radicals in the skin which cause oxidative stress and can lead to indirect DNA damage (where the free radicals modify cellular DNA over time). UVA rays are most commonly associated with premature skin aging. They can also trigger sun allergies such as Polymorphous Light Eruption (PLE). UVB rays can also provoke allergies, but to a lesser degree.

    UVB rays provide the energy your skin needs to make Vitamin D and stimulate the production of melanin which is responsible for tanning. They don’t travel as deeply as UVA rays, penetrating only the outermost layers of skin, but they cause more immediate damage such as sunburn. UVB rays are directly absorbed by cellular DNA which can lead to skin diseases such as actinic keratosis and skin cancer.

    Both types of UV can induce hyperpigmentation and may contribute to conditions such as sun spots (also known as age spots).

    What is high-energy visible light and why does my skin need to be protected against it?

    The sunlight spectrum consists of UV, visible and infrared light. Visible sunlight can be detected by the human eye, while the others remain invisible. Part of this visible spectrum has a high energy level and is known as high-energy visible light. It is also referred to as HEVIS light, HEV Light, HEVL and sometimes ‘blue light’ or ‘blue violet light’

    Like UVA rays, HEVIS light penetrates the deeper layers of skin and can generate free radicals. These free radicals are one of the main causes of photoaging (premature skin aging caused by the sun) and can also trigger hyperpigmentation.

    Many modern sunscreens offer effective protection against UVA and UVB rays, but we recommend that you look out for products that also defend against the negative effects of HEVIS light. 

    Why should I integrate sun face care into my daily routine?

    Facial skin is more sensitive to UVA/UVB radiation and HEVIS light than skin on the rest of the body as it is exposed to sun all year round. Sun protection can help you avoid the cellular DNA damage caused by UV, photoaging (premature aging caused by the sun) and hyperpigmentation. It is important to protect facial skin whenever it is exposed to the sun.

    Can I put make-up over my sunscreen?

    Eucerin Sun Fluid Pigment Control SPF 50+ is an ideal make-up base. Both liquid and powder-based make-up can be safely applied without affecting the sun protection. Do remember, however, to reapply sun protection regularly throughout the day.

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