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Hyperpigmentation is common skin concern and can cause distress when it is very noticeable. The Eucerin Even Pigment Perfector range as been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of dark marks, for more even and radiant skin. In this article Dr Ludger Kolbe, medical skincare and R&D expert at Eucerin, introduces Thiamidol, the key active in the formula, and explains the science behind the innovative and the effective Even Pigment Perfector range.

Melasma is not in any way harmful but can cause distress when it is very noticeable.

What causes an uneven skin tone?

An uneven skin tone is often the result of pigmentation issues such as hyperpigmentation.

“Hyperpigmentation is caused by increased Melanin production,” says Dr Ludge Kolbe. “Our skin has specialised cells, called melanocytes, which produce the dark pigment melanin,” he explains. “It gives skin its colour and some natural protection from sunlight, but over-exposure to sunlight, hormonal influences, ageing and skin injury or inflammation can cause an increase in melanin and trigger uneven skin tone.”

Hyperpigmentation appears as dark patches and dark marks, that make skin look uneven. The overproduction of melanin is also the root causes of conditions such as melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Dr Kolbe explains that “while hyperpigmented skin is normally harmless it can cause distress and impact the quality of life of those that experience it.”

A breakthrough discovery from Eucerin scientists

Backed by Eucerin’s 100 years of medical skincare expertise, Dr Kolbe and his team set out to create a formula that would deliver results for people with uneven skin and pigmentation concerns.

“We ran a huge screening program,” explains Dr Kolbe. “We tested more than 50,000 potential ingredients in the quest to find an active that would reduce hyperpigmentation while being kind on skin.” Key to the Eucerin research approach was the methodology used to test the candidate ingredients. In the past, formulas had been tested on mushroom enzymes, but Dr Kolbe and his team insisted on testing the actives on human enzymes as a more accurate measure of their potential effectiveness.

The breakthrough was when the team discovered Thiamidol, which presented significant and impressive results in clinical and dermatological tests.  “Thiamidol acts at the root cause of dark marks by reducing melanin production,” explains Dr Kolbe, “and it’s effective on all skin types and tones.”

Impressive results for the Eucerin Even Pigment Perfector range

The innovative and effective Thiamidol is the key active in the Eucerin Even Pigment Perfector range and has been clinically and dermatologically proven to reduce dark marks and prevent their re-appearance. 

“First results are visible from two weeks and improve continuously with regular use,” says Kolbe.  He adds that “we got very positive feedback on the formula from people involved in the tests.”

Visible reduction of hyperpigmentation shown in clinical studies

Eucerin Even Pigment Perfector: clinically proven to reduce dark marks and dark spots

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