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Eucerin Q10 ACTIVE Day Cream for dry skin

Anti-wrinkle formula with Coenzyme Q10 for dry, sensitive skin

A caring day cream for dry, sensitive skin, with Coenzyme Q10, re-energises cells and helps reduce signs of premature ageing.

Eucerin Q10 ACTIVE Day Cream for dry skin is specifically formulated with cell-energising Coenzyme Q10, a naturally occurring substance in skin that depletes over time. This ingredient can be shown to help counteract the signs of premature ageing such as wrinkles*.
Added antioxidants Vitamins C, E and H (Biotin) nourish dry skin and skin is better protected against free-radicals. It is fragrance free and does not contain artificial colours, parabens or alcohol . With regular use skin appears smoother and firmer.

*in vitro studies

Clinical Studies

To test its effects on skin, Eucerin Q10 was applied  to the skin twice a day for a specified time period or regular use. Wrinkle appearance and oxidative stress were measured in-vivo.

Another group of 21 volunteers took part in a single-blinded, dermatologically controlled study to assess the effects of Eucerin Q10 ACTIVE Day Cream for dry skin applied twice-daily.

Reduced wrinkle appearance
Deep wrinkle
Wrinkle appearance shown before the trial Wrinkle appearance shown after the trial


  • Significantly reduces the appearance of even the deepest of facial wrinkles
  • Significantly reduces the effects of oxidative stress on skin
  • 86% of testers reported ‘good tolerability’ on their sensitive skin, overseen by a dermatologist
  • 60% of testers reported an improvement in their skin condition.



First time users are recommended to apply the product on the inner forearm and assess skin condition for at least a day before applying it to the face.

Use in the morning on well cleansed skin.
Apply to face, neck and décolleté (chest).
Gently massage the product into skin.

The light yellow colour is due to the natural colour of the ingredients, Q10 ACTIVE does not contain any colourants.

If using the product for the first time please read the enclosed leaflet. Avoid contact with the eyes.

For your daily routine

Cleanse skin using Eucerin DermatoCLEAN Mild Cleansing to soothe and prepare to absorb the cell-energising active ingredients.

Apply Eucerin Q10 ACTIVE Day Cream for dry skin onto the face, neck and décolleté (chest), working the product into skin using gentle upwards motions.

If sun exposure is expected SPF protection is needed, apply Eucerin Sun Creme SPF 50+ to exposed skin on the head, neck and chest after applying Eucerin Q10 ACTIVE Day for dry skin and Eye Cream.

Do's and Dont's

Use Eucerin Q10 ACTIVE Day Cream for dry skin if …

Try a different product if …

You have sensitive skin and want to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles too:

Eucerin Q10 ACTIVE Day Cream for dry skin, containing Coenzyme Q10, re-energises skin cells and counteracts the signs of premature ageing.

You want a day cream to protect your skin:

Eucerin Q10 ACTIVE Day Cream for dry skin is formulated with antioxidant-rich Coenzyme Q10, as well as Vitamins C, E and H to help reduce the premature ageing effects of oxidative stress on skin.

Your skin is easily irritated by anti-wrinkle creams:

Eucerin Q10 ACTIVE Day Cream for dry skin is free of artificial fragrance, colour, parabens and alcohol to suit even the most sensitive complexions.

You’re looking for an anti-wrinkle cream for sensitive skin you can use at night:

Try Eucerin Q10 ACTIVE Night Cream enhance skin's overnight renewal process.

Eucerin Q10 ACTIVE Anti-wrinkle care for sensitive skin

The Eucerin Q10 ACTIVE range for sensitive skin helps  the skin fight  against premature skin ageing. Premature ageing  occurs as natural levels of Coenzyme Q10 deplete with age, decreasing the skin’s resilience to fight against the effects of UV-induced free-radicals.
Rich in Coenzyme Q10, the range helps to strenthen cells by replenishing and supporting cell regeneration, so the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced.
To ensure sensitive skin tolerates the products, the range contains no artificial colour, parabens or fragrance.

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