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What are post-acne marks?

Blemishes affect up to 95% of adolescents and 40% of adults. Long after the acute blemishes have vanished, many people experience post-acne marks (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or PIH for short) This type of hyperpigmentation often appears after an inflammatory skin condition such as acne, or following an injury to the skin.

Our DermoPurifyer post-acne marks range helps reduce and prevent blemishes and post acne marks, with three key features:

  • Anti-marks: Reduces persistent post-blemish marks and prevents their appearance.
  • Anti-blemish: Effectively reduces blemishes and prevents new ones from appearing.
  • Anti-shine: Delivers a long-lasting, dry, matte finish.

The DermoPurifyer Protective Fluid SPF 30 has enhanced efficacy when used together with the Triple Effect Serum, with 95% of users agreeing the combination beats post-acne marks*.

*Product in use study with 100 volunteers, 8 weeks of regular usage twice a day of both Serum and Fluid SPF 30

Anti-marks, anti-blemish, anti-shine

Post Acne Marks 3-step routine

Our expert-recommended morning routine to reduce post-acne marks:

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