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  • 7/7 AtoControl Acute Care Cream
  • 1/7 AtoControl Acute Care Cream
  • 2/7 How to use AtoControl Acute Care Cream
  • 3/7 AtoControl Acute Care Cream
  • 4/7 AtoControl Acute Care Cream
  • 5/7 AtoControl Acute Care Cream
  • 6/7 AtoControl Acute Care Cream
  • 7/7 AtoControl Acute Care Cream

Eucerin AtoControl Acute Care Cream 40ml

Intensive care for an Atopic Dermatitis flare-up
Localised treatment for irritated and itchy patches of skin
For face and body

Intensive care for flare-ups of Atopic Dermatitis

Relief for itchy skin. Soothes and calms redness and irritation and relieves itchiness at a sensory level, thereby reducing the need to scratch. 

Product info

Eucerin's AtoControl Acute Care Cream breaks the vicious circle of itchy flare-ups with soothing care. AtoControl Acute Care Cream is not a pharmaceutical product.

Apply as often as needed on the affected areas to intensively care, calm and soothe skin. Eucerin AtoControl Acute Care Cream is a unique complex which includes regenerating Omega-6- fatty acids (Evening Primrose Oil and Grape Seed Oil), soothing Licochalcone A (an extract from the licorice root), anti-bacterial Decandiol and cooling Menthoxypropanediol. It has been clinically and dermatologically proven to be suitable for atopic skin in adults, children and babies from the age of 4 weeks.

To minimise the risk of skin irritation and allergies, it is cortisone-free, fragrance-free, colourant-free and paraben-free.

Clinical and dermatological studies

Very good care efficacy and skin tolerability proven on atopic skin

Main findings

In a Product in Use (PiU) test, Eucerin AtoControl Acute Care Cream was used alongside Eucerin AtoControl Lotion by a sample of 144 men and women, all aged 30+, with mild and moderate Atopic Dermatitis. After four weeks of daily use they reported the following results:

Improves skin condition

97% agreed with the statement that the products “Improve skin condition”

Supports better sleep

  • 96% agreed that, with the products, “I don’t need to scratch a lot during the night”
  • 94% agreed that, with the products, they weren’t “waking up early due to skin problems”
  • 93% agreed that, during the trial period, they woke up “less often during the night”
  • 89% agreed that the products help them to “wake up well-rested”
  • 88% agreed that the products helped them to have a “good energy level during the day”

Improves quality of life

  • Before the trial, 92% of the sample agreed that Atopic Dermatitis affected their quality of life. After four weeks of using the AtoControl products, only 38% of the sample agreed that the disease affected their quality of life. From this we can infer that, as a result of using the products, 54% of the sample felt there was an improvement in their quality of life.


  • suitable for babies
  • fragrance-free

How To Use

Woman using Eucerin AtoControl products


  • Apply as often as needed on flare-up areas.

You may experience a cool sensation or tingling shortly after application. This is nothing to be concerned about and just shows that the product is working.

Your daily routine

Gentle body cleansing for atopic skin


Cleanse your body with Eucerin AtoControl Bath and Shower Oil. These products can be used during acute flare-ups of Atopic Dermatitis as well as during the period between flare-ups.

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Caring for Atopic skin with Eucerin


During a flare-up

Apply Eucerin AtoControl Acute Care Cream to the relevant affected area to improve skin condition.

Eucerin AtoControl Acute Care Cream can be used alongside medical acne treatment. If you are also using a topical medical product apply that treatment before Eucerin AtoControl Acute Care Cream.

All our daily care products can also be used during a flare-up and should be applied after your medication and Eucerin AtopiControl Acute Care Cream.

Daily care for the periods between flare-ups

Apply the appropriate daily care product:

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Special care products for Atopic skin


Atopic skin is particularly sensitive to UVA and UVB rays. For this reason, if your skin is going to be exposed to sunlight, we recommend that you apply a sun protection product after your care product. Try  Eucerin Sun Creme SPF50+ for your face and try  Eucerin Sun Lotion Extra Light SPF50 for your body.

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Do's and Dont's

Use Eucerin AtoControl Acute Care Cream if …

You have Atopic Dermatitis (also know as Atopic Eczema) and are looking for a cosmetic skin care product for use during a flare-up:


Try a different product if …

You have Atopic Dermatitis but are not experiencing a flare-up:

You may want to try Eucerin AtoControl Body Care Lotion.

You have dry skin but not Atopic Dermatitis:

If this is the case try Eucerin UreaRepair PLUS

Your child has Atopic Dermatitis and he or she is under the age of four weeks.


You have ever had a reaction to any of the ingredients.



How they work together

Eucerin AtoControl Acute Care Cream has been specially formulated with active ingredients that soothe itchy skin.

Eucerin AtoControl Acute Care Cream contains Menthoxypropandiol and Decanediol to calm and soothe skin during flare-ups of Atopic Dermatitis:

  • An extract of menthol, Menthoxypropandiol activates natural cooling receptors (known as TRPM8) found in the nerve endings in skin. The resulting cooling sensation reduces feelings of itchiness.
  • Anti-bacterial Decanediol combats the Stapphylococcus Aureus bacteria associated with Atopic Dermatitis.

The formula also contains the unique active ingredient complex used in the daily-use basic care products in the range:

  • Licochalcone A: an extract of liquorice which soothes skin and reduces redness
  • Ceramides: to strengthen skin’s barrier function

Itchy skin
Several mediators can cause itchiness

Hyperactive skin cells lead to an itching sensation and therefore the urge to scratch

AtopiControl Anti-Itch-Spray
Three active ingredients block the itch for immediate and long-lasting relief

Active calming of skin cells stops the itching sensation

Atopic Dermatitis has two phases

The acute phase: where skin flares-up
The subacute phase: the period between flare-ups when skin is calmer (also known as the inactive or subclinical phase)

FAQ (6)

  • Is Eucerin AtoControl Acute Care Cream suitable for use on children?

    Yes, so long as your child is four weeks or older.

  • How much Eucerin AtoControl Acute Care Cream should I use?

    You should use as much as you find you need to soothe your skin and reduce the sensations of itchiness. You can apply the product liberally and as often as needed.

  • Can I use Eucerin AtoControl Acute Care Cream instead of my usual medication for Atopic Dermatitis?

    Eucerin AtoControl Acute Care Cream is not a pharmaceutical product and is not intended to replace one.

    Eucerin AtoControl Acute Care Cream works effectively alongside medication to help improve your skin condition and reduce itching during flare-ups of Atopic Dermatitis. Your doctor will be able to advise on how and when to apply or take your medication. If you are using a medical ointment or cream, we recommend you apply that first and allow it to absorb before applying Eucerin AtoControl Acute Care Cream.

  • What do you mean by a ‘flare-up’ and ‘the period between flare-ups’?

    Broadly speaking, Atopic Dermatitis has two different phases. A ‘flare-up’ is one of the names used to describe the acute, active phase when skin is at its most irritable. It can feel intensely itchy, you may experience a burning sensation and skin can look dry, red and flaky. Between these acute, flare-up phases are periods of time when your skin is relatively calm and less irritated. This calmer period is also known as the non-acute, non-active or flare-up free phase. The length of each phase varies greatly depending on the individual, but products specially formulated to care for atopic skin − such as those in the Eucerin AtoControl range − can help to extend the calmer, non-acute phase and offer relief during acute flare-ups.

  • Is Atopic Dermatitis the same as Eczema?

    Dermatitis and Eczema are the same thing: collective terms for inflammatory changes in the skin. As such, they include many different dermatological diseases. Atopic Eczema and Atopic Dermatitis are also the same thing.

  • Is Atopic Dermatitis contagious?

    No. Atopic Dermatitis is not contagious.

from 7 reviews
  • Henny 2023/07/29
    Eucerin Daily Skin Care
    Have been using Eucerin for the past 4 years and find the product absolutely magnificent and outstanding especially the fact that it is formulated for people with itchy skin conditions as I am also suffering from eczema and so are my children


    Hi Henny.  Thank you for your review.  It is always a great pleasure to receive positive feedback from users of our brand.  We are so pleased to hear that you and your family are benefitting from the use of the Ato Control Acute Care Cream for their eczema-related skin conditions.  Thank you so much again for sharing your experience with us

  • Nomthi 2023/06/16
    Daily use
    Can I use this product for my face daily routine even though I have no flare up


    Hi Nomthi.  Thank you for your enquiry.  There is no reason why you should not use this product daily.  If it is suiting your needs, then we would recommend that you continue to use the product on a daily basis.  

  • KC 2023/06/07
    After Elidel use
    Hi. Can this product be used after using Elidel cream. And can it be used together with Epiduo ?


    Hi KC.  Thank you for your enquiry.  There should be no reason for that you would not be able to use this product with your current topical creams.  Having said that, we would always recommend checking with your attending medical practitioner before using a further product, over and above what has been prescribed. 

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