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Eucerin Original Extra Thick Crème Tub 454g

Top seller in the USA - now available in SA

Eucerin Original Extra Thick Crème provides long-lasting moisturisation to help relieve and protect very dry, sensitive skin.

Intro clinically proven formula for very dry, sensitive skin that prevents moisture loss and replenishes the hydrolipid layer.

This very thick rich formula is a water-in-oil emulsion with simple, trusted ingredients, and no irritating fragrances or dyes, to soothe and help restore even severely dry skin.

  • Dermatologist recommended
  • Seals in moisture to restore & protect very dry, sensitive skin by creating a protective barrier
  • Relieves dry skin associated with eczema, psoriasis, or drying medications
  • Free of parabens, fragrances and dyes, won't clog pores (Non-comedogenic)
  • Gentle enough for children and babies
  • Long lasting
  • Reduces and manages flare-ups for atopic skin

Apply daily or as directed by your doctor. For best results, use immediately after bathing while skin is still damp. This thick formulation is especially well suited for the driest areas of skin e.g.: hands, heels, elbows etc.

Original Moisturises and protects very dry skin

The skin is one of our most important organs, as it is our protective covering, and our visage to the world. However, while doing this vital role, exposure to sunshine, hot, cold or windy weather, frequent washing, natural ageing, and even ineffective skin care products can all cause skin to lose its moisture, leading to dry skin symptoms such as tight, rough, scaly and wrinkled skin.

Eucerin Original Creme for dry skin is dermatologically proven.

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