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#PureSkinCamp – More Than Just Skin Care

In June, we brought together individuals from all over the world to learn more about the 4 factors that can affect your skin - psychological, nutritional, physical and skin wellness. The Pure Skin Camp was an unforgettable experience! 22 influencers from 17 countries, who struggle with blemishes and acne, made their way to the idyllic Puradies Hotel in Leogang, Austria, for a five-day break from their busy, everyday lives to experience more than just skincare.


Experiencing the perfect routine

Learn how to control acne in the most effective way possible - by building up a new and improved routine that encompasses everything from skin, physical, nutritional and psychological wellness. Our professional experts guided the participants through new routines, together with their Eucerin DermoPurifyer skincare range, which helps challenge acne and blemishes from the outside. Follow their journey and find the perfect routine that is more than just skin care:

Understanding the holistic approach to skin care.

Psychological Wellness

Can stress cause pimples? Our skin is our largest organ and a mirror of our physical and mental wellbeing. The impact of psychological stress in our personal or professional lives can have an effect on our bodies and skin. Explore the relationship between stress and acne and its effects on your skin in this article.


Physical Wellness

Being active and engaging in moderate exercise does wonders for your skin.  Exercise is known to reduce stress (which can trigger hormones and exacerbate acne) and improve your skin’s natural resilience. Developing a good exercise routine is great not only for your body but also for your skin. Find out about how you can push yourself to new levels as you take care of your physical wellness, here.

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Nutritional Wellness

How does your diet affect your skin and trigger blemishes? The food we eat has long been associated with skin health and research has proven the link between diet and healthy skin. Find out more about the changes you can make to your diet which can help keep your acne under control, in this article.

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Skin Wellness

Acne is primarily caused by hormones and has very little to do with hygiene. However, having a consistent regime will improve your skin’s wellness. What should you look for when choosing skincare products? This article will discuss some of the steps you can take to help care for blemish-prone skin:

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Skin Care Tips from our Experts

The secret to treating acne starts from within and requires more than just skin care.
While our DermoPurifyer skin care products can help you challenge acne and blemishes from the outside, nutrition, exercise and mental wellness can also ease your journey to clear skin from within. Incorporating these aspects into your routine is the best thing you can do for yourself and your skin. Watch the video below and hear what our experts, Dr. Markus Reinholz, Larn McShane, Anouk Visser, Gijs van Amerongen and Nina Park have to say as they share their 10 tips on how to combat acne effectively.

Note: These tips do not replace a health professional´s consultancy.